Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lyrics Collection

This is the section where you shall find some of the finest lyrics ever written by different lyricist garnered among various Hindi movies & Ghazals.

If you have any song or movie in mind which has some of the finest meanings, please inform me using the comment section below and I shall have the lyrics posted soon with meanings in English (if required)[Link to the website given below].

This is a tribute to all the great and talented lyricists who have given us some great songs in this journey of life. I hope you shall appreciate the effort and encourage me in this journey. Please feel free to post your comments and requests.

Lyrics Website


Anonymous said...

Dear Prashant,

I tried to get the translations for the song Tohse Naina Lage (Anwar), but wasnt sucessful. Could you be kind enough to provide me with same and also for the following songs: Guncha by Mohit Chauhan & Badalon Ki Ghairayee by Lucky Ali
Kindly mail it to

Chelsi said...

Interesting to know.

hindi videos said...

Awesome lyrics collection. Where do you get your lyrics collection from?
Give me the english version of the song that was sung during Mumbai 26/11 don't remember the lines exactly it was popular in NDTV