Sunday, January 22, 2017

Guest Lectures at Universities

How often have you felt that the Guest Lecture organized was not worth it.

Well, I have gone through this and thought of writing this blog just to help some, from making the same mistakes again.
Let us start with some points to remember (prior to inviting him/her):

  1. Prepare a list of topics that your group wants to keep the lectures focussed on, never digress from that.
  2. Verify the work performed by the lecturer and view the lecture videos if available online
  3. Do not fall for big names or firms and call them just because they hold or have held a big position in those firms
  4. Remember you want to learn and not waste time. The lecturer should be a good orator.
  5. If possible the lecturer could send the macro level topics he shall cover, in advance to guage class involvement
  6. Always take a voting amongst classmates to know if your own batch would attend or not
  7. Never try to call a lecturer for current affairs (less than 3 months old), you may get one-sided views
  8. Keep the questions prepared from the audeience and let the topic not get digressed
  9. Do not call someone just because they are superiors / friends or acquintances. Focus on substance / quality.
  10. Last but not the least, call someone who an motivate you or give you a perspective to do something going forward

Please share your thoughts and suggestions to add your points to this list.

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